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English Cream Tea ~ Scottish High Tea ~ "Mini " Cream Tea

Bespoke Charcuterie Boards designed to each guests ideals

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Delectably Indulgent & Distinctly Decadent

Formal Breakfast - $35pp (included in nightly rate)
Scottish High Tea Service - $69pp.

English Cream Tea Service - $53pp.

Mini Cream Tea Service - $23pp.                                                                                                                                                                                      Charcuterie Board $43pp 

A full three course meal.  Starting with a flavourful home made soup, then a refreshing salad, an assortment of tasty sandwiches, pastries, sweets and chocolate, scones, clotted cream, fresh fruit and our very own preserves.  Accompanied by nuts, pickles, lemonade and tea!

Uniquely presented at the Bulloch House this tea is perfect for lunch. Starting with an assortment of tasty sandwiches, baked goods, sweets, nuts, pickles and chocolate. Fresh fruit, clotted cream, our very own preserves and of course freshly baked scones!

Elegant and fun. Lighter version of our English Cream Tea Service but with the same flair. Enjoy our fresh baked scones with home made preserves and clotted cream, fresh fruit, salted nuts, chocolate, tea and refreshing lemonade. All presented on our formal china and crystal!

Personally developed to each guests tastes and dietary requirements.  We invite you to pair this feast with your own alcoholic beverages.  The sky is the limit in creativity.  Contact us to arrange all the wonderful details!

Wedding & Baby Showers ~ Corporate Events ~ Family Gatherings

Parties over 10 will incur a 18% surcharge. Please contact us for more information and availability.


You will be invited at your convenience to enjoy our formal English breakfast, included with your nightly reservation. Relax in a charming setting and celebrate classic conventions, and honour the solid tradition of breaking fast, that the British do so well!
A Bulloch House breakfast is catered to your personal tastes and dietary requirements.  Formally served at a gentle pace, on rare antique china, crystal and sterling silver flatware. Enjoy food that is thoughtfully prepared and plated.  A tasting menu of sorts with little surprises to caress your palate and leave you satisfied and ready to enjoy the day of activities in our beautiful town of Gananoque, on the St. Lawrence River, knowns as "The Gateway to the 1000 Islands"


Indulge in a slice of one of the finest British traditions! Add one of three different Cream Teas at The Bulloch House!

Enjoy a selection of finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones with Cornish clotted cream and assorted fruit preserves, and a mouth-watering range of exquisitely presented pastries and teacakes. This most charming traditional afternoon cream tea is served on exquisite china, crystal and sterling silver, under the glittering chandelier, elegant mirrors and antiques  which add a light and stylish flourish to the dining room. Alternatively try el fresco and relax and take a decadent leisurely afternoon cream tea on the spacious Victorian veranda with comfortable seating and watch the day go by...

Descriptions above or please call us to enquire


Our intimate and unique spaces may be reserved for private gatherings such as corporate functions, bridal and baby showers, or soirees with friends and family for your holiday dinners and celebrations!
We are committed to working with you and your individual needs to craft a truly unforgettable experience. With sparkling crystal chandeliers, quarter sawn oak columns and stain glass windows, the elegant Bulloch House may well be one of the most beautiful dining rooms in  Canada 
Our scrumptious Scottish High Tea will surely be a favourite! Three delectable courses to please the palate and satisfy the appetite. Perfect before an evening walk to the 1000
Islands Playhouse Theatre.  
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